People often ask me for marketing advice. How can I get more customers? How can I make more money? How can I create more impact? The truth is that you have something that no one else has… a different experience, a different set of beliefs, even a different reality than other people. Why do you think bystanders to crimes or accidents have a totally different point of view on the events. It’s not just where they happen to be standing, but how their mind and body interpreted what was going on.

You may be asking yourself… what does that have to do with marketing? Stop and think for a second about how much you know about your business and your industry and compare that to your customer. I would bet my left arm that if you are even a little bit good at what you do, you know more than they do about your industry and the benefits of your product. If not… well, you might be in the wrong business.

Your Reality

Now I know there are people out there who are just looking to make a quick buck, but most people that I’ve met actually want to create a huge impact for their customers by providing their products or services to them. And I’m sure you are the same way. The challenge is that your reality…

  • your knowledge of your product
  • the reason you got into your business
  • and the belief that your product can provide huge value to your customers

… is different from that of your potential customers. If they had the same experience as you and lacked the knowledge to do what you do or get access to your product, wouldn’t they want to buy it as much as you want to sell it?!

The process that you went through to find your skill set and determine what people really needed was, if nothing else, a process. But your customers never had the opportunity to go through that same process, because THEIR reality was different! One of the biggest challenges you will face in your marketing is determining exactly who both wants AND needs your service. The people who have a desire and reality that shows them they need what you are offering.

How to Change Your Prospect’s Reality

All the marketing in the world can’t change your potential customer’s reality. But if you learn how you can take a wealth of customers and create impact in thousands or millions of people’s lives! It starts with a shift of what you’re doing. It requires that you stop selling and start educating your market. Education is powerful. It allows you to explain and show WHY people need you and gets them to actually create an experience. This experience now becomes a part of their reality. This is the key.

Stop thinking about how you can get that next sale or close that next deal. That can come later. Right now, I want you to think about what you can do to better educate your potential clients, customers, or students about your industry (NOT your product). How can you provide them value and an experience that can change their reality, even if it’s in a small way? Shift their reality so that they share a similar belief about your product as you do and you will be well on your way to creating more value for more people.

To Your Perpetual Success,

Tim Wolf