Becoming an expert is less about what you know and more about positioning. Guess what… If you know more about a subject than someone else… You’re an expert to them. You can help them grow! Expertise is different than Mastery. This is what you get when you commit to positioning yourself as an expert.

  • People come to YOU wanting to work with you.
  • Recognition
  • Wider Circle of People
  • Your Reputation Precedes You
  • Gets Your Name Out There
  • Gain Credibility
  • More Influence
  • Charge More $
  • And TRUST.

So in order to gain the TRUST of your potential customers, you must position yourself as an expert. Read that again.

Let’s go a little deeper though. What exactly is an expert? A lot of people think that they must know everything about a subject in order to start doing it or training people how to do it. Studies show that to truly master something takes a minimum of 10,000 hours of study & practice (or about 10 years). Our research has shown that about 10,000 hours will give you more knowledge & skill than 99.5% of. So that much study and practice puts you in the top .05% in most cases… So that’s what it takes to be a master of your craft.

It turns out being an expert looks a lot like a Bell Curve. Simplified to make it easy to understand, this looks like the table below:

Hours of Study & Practice % of People You Know More Than
1 0.5%
10 5%
100 50%
1000 95%
10000 99.5%


So even if you’ve only spent 100 hours of study and practice in your subject, guess what?.. You’re better than 50% of the people out there at whatever it is you do! I’d say 50% of everybody is enough to create a market out of. Which brings me to my personal definition of what it means to be an expert…

It’s simple. If you know more than the person you are helping or talking to, then you’re an expert. You have information they need to become better. It’s subjective but I believe to be that to be the most important definition of being an expert. So, congratulations! You are definitely an expert at something!

Being an expert is not about your personal competence. It’s about other people’s confidence in you to get results! If you don’t believe that, stop doing everything for your clients and see how long they last. It’s about CONFIDENCE, not COMPETENCE.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the Free Reports and the 7 Mistakes that Everyone Makes But Me. And those are great, they show that you know what you are talking about. But it takes more than knowing about something to position yourself as an expert. You need to be able to show people that you can DO IT and deliver RESULTS. That’s what builds rapid confidence in your potential buyers. So it becomes simple… Just help them. Actually give them what they really need.

Now, don’t go telling everybody we said to give everything away for free. That’s not what I’m saying at all. But give part of it away. Give your customers a taste of what you can do with the sole purpose of providing real VALUE to everyone who may need your product or services. Demonstrate you can help by actually helping them and then offer to do more for a price.

Remember, it’s not about your COMPETENCE, it’s about their CONFIDENCE in you. Plugged In Concepts can help you build confidence in other. Contact us today to learn how.